Couples Therapy

Assisting couples in conflict or going through a crisis to resolve their differences and achieve a happier coexistence

How to decide whether what’s best for you is to start couples therapy or individual therapy?

Individual Therapy

  • When in a relationship, you feel like you’re giving more than receiving.
  • When one member of the couple starts distancing themselves from everyone because the other demands too much time.
  • When you don’t accept your body as it is.
  • When one member of the couple accesses the other’s or the children’s email accounts, social media, and cell phone seeking answers.
  • When it’s scary to voice things that bother you about your partner, children, or parents, and you fear conflict.
  • When parents were dominant or overprotective.
  • When you feel like you can’t be yourself without a partner, alcohol, or drugs.
  • When there is abuse, or you are being abused.
  • When emotions are out of control.
  • When you can’t communicate with the people you care about.
  • When your sexual identity is in question.
  • When infidelity is discovered.
  • When hurtful things are said that you later regret.
  • When the greatest fear is abandonment.
  • When jealousy prevents a peaceful life.
  • When a personal loss has occurred.

Couple Therapy

  • When you’ve lost trust in your partner.
  • When you have communication problems.
  • When the intimacy deteriorates.
  • When the other’s family becomes an issue.
  • When the children are the sole priority.
  • When the partner belittles, making you feel inferior.
  • When jealousy prevents you from believing in each other.
  • When the age difference starts to become a problem.
  • When it seems like the partner is pushing the family away.
  • When the partner is kind to everyone except each other.
  • When one of your pasts haunts and torments you.
  • When disrespect happened for the first time.
  • When discussing sex is taboo.
  • When the apparent solution is to take a break.
  • When the boundaries of the relationship are broken.

About Couples Therapy

The areas in which dysfunction appears in a relationship are often diverse:

  • When there is a pattern of conflict in the relationship, with neither spouse giving in to the other.
  • Criticism and mutual blame, where each spouse focuses more on the other than on themselves, making the other the center of their discomfort.
  • When spouses function in certain aspects at the expense of the other, causing too much responsibility or burden on the other party.
  • When spouses overly prioritize their children, neglecting their role as a couple.
  • When hierarchy and boundaries are unilaterally imposed.
  • When communication is based on reproaches, attacks, complaints, belittlement, etc.

In these situations, among many others, the couple therapist will help identify the nature of the problems, the possible origins of dysfunction, and the processes that are maintaining or even exacerbating the difficulties within the family system.


If there is something that worries you, ask me, don’t be embarrassed, I am here to listen to you and help you without judging you.

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